New Member Info

Come and try your hand at a range shoot. Your welcome to contact the president or secretary and make arrangements to attend a shoot without a formal licence using the link here. Provisions under the Act allow for an introduction period.

The club has shooting gear to aid the newcomer, so no immediate purchase of equipment is necessary. Our club members are there to provide assistance and guidance and welcome you socially to our club.

The process that follows your wish to join the club is:
1. Complete a club application form, pay fees and receive a membership;
2. Be instructed on and educated in firearms safety and handling and undertake a formal examination (arranged through a qualified club member), and
3. Apply for an ACT Firearms licence through ACT Policing, Firearms Registry.

Subsequent to this if you wish to purchase your own firearm then the due process can commence. For further information on obtaining a NSW or ACT firearms licence please visit:

For further information on obtaining an ACT firearms licence please visit:

ACT Firearms Legislation No. 15 9 Sep 2016

 Club Fees

Annual membership:

Annual Membership With AUS Target Rifle Magazine Without Magazine
Adult $175.00 $135.00
Pensioner $160.00 $120
Under 21 $105 $65
Full Time Student $135 $95

NRAA Australian Target Rifle (ATR) Magazine is located here:

Weekly Range Fees: $20.00 payable cash only on the day