Target Rifle

Target rifle shooting does not require perfect eyesight or levels of extreme fitness. Older and physically impaired people can enjoy participation and be successful like any other shooter. Importantly in today’s push for gender equality, this is one of the very few sports where women and men compete without favor or discrimination for the same grades and prizes. Teenagers old enough to hold a Minor’s Firearms License are also most welcome.

Success in this sport is reached by a combination of flawless, consistent technique and a skill for assessing the winds effect on the flight of a projectile. Like other precision sports such as snooker, lawn bowls and golf, an understanding of the eye’s perception of the target, the psychology of competition and of course continual practice all contribute to results.

Some of the traditions remain, but today’s target rifle is at the forefront of precision technology and today’s successful shooter maintains their physical well-being, alertness and most importantly, mental control in peak condition.

Safety behavior is governed by the ACT Australian Federal Police (AFP) Policing Firearms Registry range approvals, the National Rifle Association of Australia Standard Shooting Rules, and the ACTFBTR Range Orders.

All shoots are conducted under the supervision of accredited range safety officers. Importantly, such training carries into everyday life and helps encourage safe handling of firearms away from the range.

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