F Class

F-Class is conducted with similar rifles to those in full bore target rifle shooting however the iron sights are replaced with a scope and the sling is replaced with the option of using either a front bi-pod or a rest. F-Class is shot from the prone position where the shooters lay on a mat.

The sport has evolved considerably in the last few years and rules have changed which permitted the use of front pedestal rest not attached to the rifle. Today in Australia we have F Class Open shooting unrestricted caliber and F Class standard A & B grade, which is restricted to .308 or .223 calibre. More detailed information is available on the Australian F Class Website.

‘Sharpie’ Takes aim – competing in F- Class A Grade

‘Sharpie’ Takes aim – competing in F- Class A Grade

This style of shooting is particularly applicable for “Medically disadvantaged” shooters. F Class uses optical sights & requires greater levels of accuracy than Full Bore target shooting. The rifle is supported front & rear &/or with special circumstances allows the use of tables.

F Class shooting has some specific weight restrictions on the rifle & attached equipment however, as mentioned earlier; it also provides two different ways of supporting the rifle at the forefront. You can either attach a bi-pod or use an unattached front rest.

Target scoring in F Class is based on a 6 for the Bulls-eye and usually all competitions are over 10 rounds, thus a score maximum of 60 is the goal. In Australia this last year, we have seen enormous growth and increase in skills and to avoid “shoot offs” at competitions due to tied results, a Super V was introduced to the bulls-eye (being 1/2 the normal bull in size) – this provides an extra .1 for each hit. Now the perfect score is 60.10 which has been achieved by a hand full of shooters.